Content Management

Content Management System

These days, our clients manage content on their own sites, and a many of them have us assist in keeping the content fresh for them. Without knowing how to code HTML, a CMS gives you access to update your site. It’s as easy as filling out an online form, or using Microsoft Word.

A full-featured content management system (CMS) allows you to make basic updates to your website with little or no programming knowledge. Core CMS features that we can implement include the following:

• Secure integrated payment processing

• Intelligent product categories and subcategories

• Price-breaks, customer specific pricing

• Immersive, intuitive presentation and navigation

• Integrated taxes, shipping, and order status system

• Automated account creation, and e-mail notification systems

• Securely integrating and updating internal inventory level and price data

and many more…

Our development team offers a full range of comprehensive e-commerce solutions for companies that require online transaction processing such as ordering, fulfillment, invoicing, and payments. We develop an integrated solution that allows your customers get what they need in a convenient and secure manner. Core e-commerce features that we can implement include the following:

• User Management

• Language Manager

• Contact Management

• Search

• Content Management

• Menu Manager

• Integrated Help System

• Media Manage

• Banner Ad Management

• Polls

• Web Link Management

• Syndication & Newsfeed Management

• Template Management

• Powerful Extensibility