E-Commerce Solutions

As web applications and internet technology become more pervasive, more and more customers are demanding the option to purchase online. As a result, many of our Clients are either working to or have already implemented an enterprise level e-commerce system to provide a seamless extension of their existing sales and fulfillment systems. Typical requirements include one or more of the following:

• Secure integrated payment processing

• Intelligent product categories and subcategories

• Price-breaks, customer specific pricing

• Immersive, intuitive presentation and navigation

• Integrated taxes, shipping, and order status system

• Automated account creation, and e-mail notification systems

• Securely integrating and updating internal inventory level and price data

• More…

Our development team offers a full range of comprehensive e-commerce solutions for companies that require online transaction processing such as ordering, fulfillment, invoicing, and payments. We develop an integrated solution that allows your customers get what they need in a convenient and secure manner. Core e-commerce features that we can implement include the following:

• Inventory (retention of quantity in stock or in-stock/out of stock flag)

• Shop by Brand

• Merchant Account

• Cart Login & Password

• Cross-promotion of Products

• Buyer Feedback

• Retain Credit Card Information per Shopper

• One-click Purchase

• Best Selling Items (highest selling product over the past week/month)

• Shopper Profiling (past purchases)

• Backorder

• Comprehensive Tracking System

• Tie-in with Shipping Company Rates

• Product Reviews

• Ability to Edit Shoppers Personal Information

• Shopper Purchase History Report