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BOSS Webtech is a technology based company specializing in custom software development, product development, web design, web development and mobile application development. BOSS Webtech is a 100% export oriented unit with major client base at US and Canada and have been providing services to several SME companies.

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About Us

BOSS Webtech is a technology based company specializing in custom software development, product development, web design, web development and mobile application development. BOSS Webtech is a 100% export oriented unit with major client base at US and Canada and have been providing our services to several SME companies (our partner clients). We have in-house expertise in .NET, iOS, Android and open source technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Magento E-commerce systems; CodeIgniter and Zend Frameworks and more so to speak.

Whether the project is big or small, we have a proven system of research, development, and refinement to address your needs and goals. Every job we take is started from the ground-up. But the end result is always the same: an image that promotes character, flavor, and growth for your company.

We understand that outsourcing is not just getting work done on lower rates. We do understand the importance of quality, timely delivery, clear communication and NDA. We have our development and QA team working at your time zone along with dedicated account manager who will be taking take of all communications during project execution. Project updates are provided on regular basis.

We are made up of fresh thinkers who are in-tune with today’s trends and have years of experience and expertise developing high quality designs to fit the times and make your voice heard above the rest.

Sounds good so far?

Have a look at our work. We’ve helped lots of companies from all over the world. Contact us anytime. We are committed to your success. Try us out on any test project and see where we stand. We assure that once you see our preparation on your project starting from creating detailed project estimation, milestone etc. you would definitely love to move ahead with us.

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Software Development

Software Product development cycle, time, resources and scope...


Mobile Apps

Equipped with the tools for reliable, secure and predictable...


Web Design Services

Custom built websites to compliment your company’s products or services...


Content Management

Full-featured content management system allows you to make quick website...


E-Commerce Services

Full range of comprehensive and integrated e-commerce solutions...


Remote Staffing

Offshoring is about increasing business efficiency to grow...




Over 1000 Global and NearBy shopping sites in one app! Download today.



BIZPlus is used in a wide range of industries like Restaurants, hospitals.



Waman Calibrator adopts an Optimization based approach for calibration.

Injury App

It provides a user friendly option for the clients to submit case informations.



We have established process for putting together a site that matches your requirement. In a typical development process, this consists of the following five stages.

1. Requirements Gathering

This is about making sure we understand exactly what is required for a project to be successful. On the back of meetings our team will put together a proposal. This serves as both the basis of the agreement between the two companies and the blueprint for the future of the site.

2. Visual Concept

Once the proposal has been agreed, the next step is to establish the look and feel of the site or the mobile app. The designer will use the information already gathered to produce clean and eye-catching designs that express the ethos of project in clear visual language.

3. Site Architecture

This is about thinking through the structure of the site from the user’s point of view to produce a definitive site map. The aim should be to minimise the number of clicks before any given user arrives at what they are looking for. We make sure the system is sceable to add additional features in the future.

4. Development

The last step in the process is the development and Quality asurance of the functioning website or mobile app. It is at this point that the more complex programming is done. The work will be carried out on one of our development servers and successive iterations will be available for you to test and review.

Estimation Process

Once we recieve the project requirement, we create a spreadsheet detailing all micro tasks and estimate hours against each task. We share the task list with client for review. Client can always question the task scope and estimate. We modify the spreasheet based on the feedback. This is important so that we are levelled perfectly with our clients for any task or project scope. We feel this is important to bring transparency in project estimation.

Development Process

Once we finalize on estimate and signing the service agreement and NDAs, we provide our clients project link so that they can review the work on regular basis. We provide daily or weekly status report so that we are not off-track with our projects and ensure we meet our deadlines. We also do conference call and screen share meeting as per required. We follow Agile development methology with Scrum.

Quality Assurance

We have in-house quality assurance team to make sure the project delivered passes the internal QA first.

Accuracy to Original Design:

To compare the original design to ensure that the coded version is true to the website design.


To check at the images on site and make sure they are picture perfect.


To check that all of the pages have proper grammar, spelling etc.

Menus and Links:

To check all of the menu items and links to make sure they all go where they should and that there are no pages with content missing. Also that links open either within site window, or open a new window as you specified.

Email Forms:

To check email forms to make sure all of the fields are correct and working well. Then check email for the results to ensure that we actually get the submission that the form is supposed to send.

Browser Check:

To check website on multiple browsers.


To check any e-commerce or custom system components.


Client Testimonials

Truly, having your availability to US clients in US time zone...

"Truly, having your availability to US clients in US time zone is a brilliant and extremely appreciated improvment with Boss Web Tech."

Chuck Coulter

South Technology Associate, Inc.

"BossWebTech understands vision and they’re passionate about...

"BossWebTech understands vision and they’re passionate about it. We can feel positive energy and motivation from the team. They are very good at thinking outside the box. We can rely on them to produce quality, innovative designs in step with the latest ideas.

Their work and communication couldn't be better. We will work with them again and again."

Mary T. Luketich

Troxler Inc.

Dripping Springs, TX

"The BOSS development team is by far the best development partner...

"The BOSS development team is by far the best development partner we have ever worked with. We will send all projects their way from now on. The responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile have been invaluable! We understand the effort and truly appreciate the hard work of the BOSS developers that has been put in to our projects. We have worked with many companies and finally found one we can count on!"


BOSS Webtech did an outstanding job...

"BOSS Webtech did an outstanding job creating my business website. They were very intuitive when it came to making my design ideas a reality. They were very helpful and cost effective. Their technical expertise was very much appreciated."

Tammy Steller

Steller Administrative Services, LLC.

Madison, WI