iPhone & iPad Apps

Many business applications can be extended to for use on handheld mobile devices and tablets. These applications are either scaled-down web applications that run in a web browser and are optimized for mobile devices, or are separate applications that are installed on the mobile device itself.

We offer a full suite of quality and cost competitive mobile app design and development services. Our mobile app development team is experienced in both stand-alone mobile apps and server-based apps that extend the functionality of your current corporate system or website to mobile devices. We have experience developing many types of mobile apps, with an emphasis on Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices.

Our mobile device development team consists of a group of brilliant and innovative individuals who work smart with each mobile device and understand their unique features. They can design and develop an intuitive interface, touch screen, and shake sensor functionality to fulfill your mobile app’s custom requirements.

Enhance your mobile apps with:

• Custom views, animations, and effects

• Location based features with custom pins and labels

• Turn-by-turn directions

• Natural, intuitive multi-touch, gesture, shake and tilt user interactions

Our development team can provide:

• Reservation and schedule based apps

• Catalog and configuration (drag and drop) apps

• Store locator and direction based apps

• Current location in-store promotion apps

• Apps that interface with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networking sites

• eCommerce and micropayment apps

• Client only or server based apps

Let us create your Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, or Windows mobile app. Contact us today to obtain a no-obligation assessment and quotation.